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Dealerships are a grind, here's some help.

Autto was built by dealers so we know what it takes for you to succeed.  We’ve helped hundreds of dealers reach the success they want by gaining control of their dealerships by leveraging our software and full suite of backend products.

Change the way you monetize the backend and keep more for yourself.  Plus create whole new customer experiences because now you are in control.

Our experts are here to help you learn more about the changing marketplace that you requires you to change in order to thrive.  Contact us now.

If you still need more information, find it here.  From Whitepapers to Blog-posts.  More information is more power.

Press Release: First Secured Administrators Rebrands as Autto.

First Secured Administrators, innovators in single-source SaaS solutions for auto dealerships, announced the completion of a major rebranding as Autto.

In business since 2018, the new name, brand identity, and company website were designed to more easily connect with the car dealers it was created to serve. Guiding the rebrand was Rob Seolas…

Autto Product Portfolio

From service contracts to key replacement, Autto’s full suite of products put you in full financial control.

Take a look at Autto’s products by clicking below, and see how easy it is to unlock hidden profits from your vehicle service contracts.

5 Ways the Autto Protection Program Can Increase Dealer Profits

Don’t miss out on the information that can help your dealership unlock hidden profits and stay in the driver’s seat.

Click below to download your copy of “5 Ways the Autto Protection Program Increases Dealer Profits.”

5 Vehicle Service Contract Must-Haves That Go the Distance

Learn why a vehicle service contract with the right partner is worth its weight in gold.

If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle service control (often called a warranty), then read this first.

What is Autto?

Dealerships are a grind. Autto has built THE program that puts them in control, so they thrive; Auttomatically.

Tired of the grind, the pressure, the problems?  Need a program to get ahead and get what you want?  We will show you the way.

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