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Protect what matters with worry free Vehicle Service Contracts


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Tailored to your lifestyle and vehicle


Clear, easy-to-understand coverage


Simple, hassle-free claims process


Unexpected car problems can ruin your day

X Left stranded when a breakdown inevitably happens.
X Stressed out wondering what's gone wrong and how much it'll cost to fix.
X At the mercy of whatever repair shop you can find, hoping it's reputable.
X Claims process is frustrating and drawn out...just when you need money fast.
X Told you're not protected "for this." 
Ask Your Dealer for Autto

When the unavoidable'll be glad you've got Autto.

Cars are complex, and no matter how well maintained your vehicle is, it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong on the road. That's why we built Autto—the program that takes the worry out of driving.

At Autto, we leverage AI-driven systems to tailor your coverage to your lifestyle and vehicle. If something happens, we're only a phone call away, and we take care of your claims directly, so you don't have to wait on a middle man. Finally, we promise 100% transparency and straight-forward explanations, so you know exactly what's covered.

Relax. You're covered.

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Bottom line?
Warranty Service Contracts that go the distance

Ask Your Dealer for Autto

Vehicle Service Contracts: simple to understand & easy to use

Ask Your Dealer for Autto

How Autto gets you back on the road... and saves you $$$

1. Your vehicle service contract is tailored to your lifestyle and vehicle.

2. You call us directly when you have a problem (no waiting).

3. We deal with the mechanic and make sure pricing is fair.

4. We call you to explain your coverage and your options.

5. You get back on the road, quickly and easily!!

Ask Your Dealer for Autto

What Autto customers love about our claims process

Autto was designed for speed. Claims are processed quickly (less than an hour) and eligible benefits paid promptly.

Ask Your Dealer for Autto

"[...] the bottom line is Dustin followed through the entire process from start to finish and stood up for me! Customer service like this doesn't exist anymore. From the bottom of my heart thank you, Dustin and team. I'd give a hundred stars if possible."

— Timmothy V.


"Car warranty companies often get a bad rap, at least in my experience. Technically, in the contract, some of the charges weren’t covered in the warranty, but Dustin saw that I was being overcharged for the value of what I was getting and therefore went the extra mile to cover the cost to a much more fair value."

— Sarah K.

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